Occupational Health has to be an integral part of any successful business. We provide cost effective downloadable information products and remote case management solutions. Call us today.

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Save time and money with our “done for you” products. Instant worldwide access.

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  • Essential Essential OH audit copy Occupational Health Audit

    These easy to use documents guide you through the process of auditing your occupational health. Optimize your service to it's potential . More info

  • OH Needs Assessment copyEssential Occupational Health Needs Assessment.

    For OH businesses to gain clients and managers to understand their needs. The first step in a successful occupational health service start here. More info.

  • Policies & Procedures15 Essential OH Policies & Procedures

    Policies and procedures are the framework to a successful occupational health service. Just download, edit and your done. More info.

  • Essential OH toolbox talks copy24 Occupational Health Toolbox Talks

    An educated workforce is a healthy workforce and a healthy workforce is a productive workforce. 24 ready to use, just print and deliver. More info.

  • essential OH forms 12 Essential Occupational Health Forms

    Keeping records of screening activities is vital for gaining an historical perspective and a legal obligation. Simple forms to use instantly. More info.

  • HS-Training-copyHealth & Safety: Induction Training Package.

    Based on HSE guidelines. Idea for small to medium businesses. Including training material, role play, handouts and much more. More info.

  • 3Master-your-anxiety-copyMaster Your Anxiety, Panic Attacks...

    Great tool to give employees who are absent with stress disorders. A practical guide to understanding anxiety, panic attacks. More info.

  • Back School copyUnderstand and Reduce Your Back Pain Naturally

    A practical guide to managing your back pain naturally. Easy to understand for employees suffering with back pain, pain can be reduce just buy understanding why. More info.

  • Your inner secrets revealed copy 2Your Inner Secrets Revealed

    Ever wonder what your blood test results actually mean? We believe you deserve more information. This product demystifies the common blood test results. More info.   

  • Complete occupational health toolboxComplete Occupational Health Toolkit

    For professionals who want to  assess, plan, implement & evaluate occupational health in your Business, but just can't get started. Save 500+ hours of qualified OH time. More info.

Are you one of the 80% of businesses that have limited access to Occupational Health Services?

As a good employer you want to feel confident that you are protecting your employees from harm and positively promoting health and wellbeing in the workplace. With our help you can achieve these goals, satisfy the highest standards, and reduce your overall costs of ill health and attendance management.

Intant Access OH Products

Simply download, edit and use. Delivered worldwide straight to your desk. Written by experienced Occupational Health Professionals.

Remote Case Management

We know the sooner we make contact with a client the sooner we can help, reducing the time absent form work, reducing cost to the business.

Face to Face consultations

Seeing a client face to face allows a better understanding of current health issues and the barriers to work. Either in the workplace or at home.

Benefit from our 20 years specialist knowledge mixed with modern digital technology and you have a ready to use OH solution. 3 great value product packs to choose from.

Go ahead and choose your desired package below:


  • Bronze Pack
  • £27
  • Product Pack For OH Professionals
  • 24 OH Toolbox Talks
  • OH Report Writing & Phrases
  • 21 Essential Questionnaires
  • 12 Disorder Information Sheets
  • Managing Stress
  • Pack details
  • Silver Pack
  • £47
  • For small to meduim enterprises needing to implement OH, includes advisor pack.
  • 15 OH Essential Policy & Procedures
  • OH Referrals & Triage Forms and Process
  • Disability Discrimination Act (UK) Guidance
  • Health & Safety Induction/training Pack
  • Fit Note Guidance
  • Plus OH Advisors Pack (value $27)
  • Pack Details!



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